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The EUREKA Illusion House is in the heart of Palanga, where both large and small can be found in the world of wonders and magic.


Not only will you be able to question your body's senses, but you will also be able to imbibe pictures of fun situations that you can share with your loved ones on social networks.


We will work all year round in any weather and will be waiting for you! Unique and interactive exhibits, world-famous illusions, diverse entertainment - all this is the place of illusion "EUREKA" where there is really something to see.


Not a museum here, where you came, you saw and went out. Here you have to be, entertain, participate, become part of the exposition so that you can capture everything in the photos and share it with friends on social networks. "The House of Illusions Eureka" is worth seeing and showing to others!

House of illusion "Eureka"

Iliuzijų namas Eureka

Iliuzijų namas Eureka

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